How it Works


  • Listing Cattle

    Sellers can list cattle for sale via Premier’s “list cattle” tab at no cost. Sellers will be asked to provide a detailed description of cattle and provide pictures and/or video of set that accurately reflects the entire group of cattle.

  • Initial Screening

    All cattle listed for sale are subject to an initial screening by Premier, whether in person or via photographs/video, to ensure cattle are represented accurately and listed at a current market price.

  • Cattle Listed As Bred

    All cattle listed as bred must be pregnancy checked by a licensed veterinarian prior to completion of a transaction (not prior to listing). The Buyer retains the rights to decline any cattle that do not reasonably fit the set’s description (pregnancy, cripples, sick animals, etc.)

  • Asking Price

    The Seller’s asking price will be specifically outlined in the Listing Contract, which will be provided by Premier at the time of Listing.

  • Sales Commission

    Premier’s sales commission will equal any amount received from Buyer above the asking price outlined in the Seller’s Listing Contract.

  • Sold Cattle

    Cattle that are sold to a Buyer that did not originate from Premier Livestock Marketing are not subject to sales commission. Sellers agree to notify Premier should cattle be sold, are no longer available for sale, or if Seller is approached by Buyer who originated from Premier Livestock Marketing.


  • Potential Buyers

    Buyers may contact Premier Livestock Marketing by phone or email for more information or to purchase a set of cattle.

  • Payment

    All payments for buying cattle will be made through Premier Livestock Marketing to ensure proper collection/disbursement of funds. Payments can be made by wire or check directly to Premier. Directions for payment will be provided at the time of sale.

  • Buyer And Seller

    Both the Buyer and Seller are to deal directly with Premier Livestock Marketing when negotiating or discussing a current set available for sale. Should Buyer wish to see set in person, Premier will help facilitate a viewing of the cattle. At no time will either the Buyer or Seller’s contact information be given out unless previously approved by all parties involved.

  • Buyer and Seller Transactions

    Buyers and Sellers are responsible for buying and selling at their own risk, and are advised to perform all due diligence needed prior to a transaction. Premier Livestock Marketing is in no way responsible nor guarantees any matters, other than that which is provided in the receipt transaction page.